Dairy Cheq® MilkGuard FD Options

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Delaying the investment to improve milk quality usually costs more in the long run than the initial amount of the investment.

Dairy Cheq® MilkGuard FD Options

Dairy Cheq® MilkGuard FD Options

The Dairy Cheq® MilkGuard products can also monitor more than just the basic operations on the dairy farm.  With additional sensors, the scope of monitoring and reporting to you can be increased significantly.

Both the Dairy Cheq® Basic MilkGuard and the Dairy Cheq® MilkGuard FD are equiped with the ability to add additional sensors to the sensors that are not part of the standard kit.


An important process in producing high quality raw milk is the process of cleaning the milking systems using clean in place procedures.

During the clean in place process, the use of detergents can improve the effectiveness of the cleaning process.

Dairy farmers can use the Dairy Cheq® MilkGuard FD conductivity sensors to provide management information on the concentration of detergent in the washing processes. Using these sensors can help the dairy farmer determine if the detergents are running out or not being added to the clean in place process at all.

Bluetooth™ Wireless Connections

On many dairy farms, the milk house where the Dairy Cheq® MilkGuard FD is usually installed is some distance from the personal computer used for dairy farm management systems.

Dairy farmers may purchase the Bluetooth™ connection devices to transfer the data stored in the Dairy Cheq® MilkGuard to their personal computers for use with the Dairy Cheq® MilkGuard software, simply and easily.

Class II Bluetooth™: Maximum range of 10 meters/30 feet*
Class I Bluetooth™: Maximum range of 100 meters/300 feet*

*Maximum range is for open air or clear path applications. Walls or obstructions will likely reduce this distance.
*Requires the same class of Bluetooth™ to be used on the personal computer to achieve these distances.

Obtain data from Dairy Cheq® MilkGuards of your clients seamlessly without having to physically adjust the Dairy Cheq® MilkGuard FD.  If your clients install the Bluetooth™ option, the process of compiling and reviewing performance data becomes more efficient.

Additional alarm lights

The Dairy Cheq® MilkGuards provides real time, immediate feedback on raw milk conditions.  When a dairy farmer or their staff are busy with farm operations, sometimes the audible alarms can be missed.

Dairy Cheq® recommends installing additional alarm lights in the dairy facility to ensure all staff are aware of the possible alarm conditions the Dairy Cheq® MilkGuard FD has identified.