A key component of monitoring operations on a dairy farm is data analysis and interpretation.

With Q3’s Data Analyzer software you can easily download the information stored in Q3.  Using the USB port located on the side panel of Q3, you can transfer data to your PC to review all your data with customizable views.

The information from your Dairy Cheq® MilkGuard FD can be transferred to your personal computer or laptop using a flash card memory or Bluetooth™ wireless connection.


The Dairy Cheq Software is available for download

Please use the form below to download Dairy Cheq software for Q3, MilkGuard FD or MilkGuard. Should you have any problems, please call 1-866-849-3610.

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If your organization has obtained authority to access the data from Dairy Cheq MilkGuards and you have received your Organization Identifier from Dairy Cheq, please enter the following information and download the software:

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