Q3 Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why should I upgrade to Dairy CheqQ3 when my Milk Guard is working fine?  What are the benefits of the new Q3 TTR?

Dairy Cheq Q3 provides many upgrades to your current TTR such as on-screen graphics and warnings and alerts sent to your smartphone. Q3 will also assist with CQM compliance by providing the capability to add notes directly to the alarms using a virtual keyboard. This data can be printed in a CQM approved format through your PC.  All in all, the Q3 is very user friendly milk quality management tool as compared to your old TTR.

Your current unit is approximately 7- 10 years old containing electronics that have a limited life span. A failed component or board can be an expensive repair with no guarantee on how long it will last.

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2) How does Q3 help with CQM compliance?

As with the Dairy Cheq MilkGuard MG and FD, Q3 is a CQM approved TTR that satisfies the mandatory requirement of recording of clean-in-place times and temperatures as well as milk cooling and storage temperatures.

Also, the virtual keyboard feature allows you to add notes to any warning or alarm in real-time.  The Q3 stores this data, which can then be viewed and printed in CQM approved format for compliance purposes. When audited, you will now have all the notes available for your field representative right on your Dairy Cheq Q3. No more searching for those old notes.

3) How much does Q3 cost?

Please call for pricing information.

4) How can I order a Q3?

For Ontario and Quebec producers, please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call 1-866-849-3610 with your contact information and we will be sure to get back to you with pricing and ordering information.

For Producers outside of Ontario and Quebec, please contact your local Dealer as listed on our website.

5) Will I need to upgrade all the sensors if I purchase Q3?

No.  The option to buy just the main unit will be provided.  When the Dairy Cheq technicians replace the old TTR with Q3, they will also test all existing sensors and wires to ensure that they are working properly.  If any faults are detected, the technicians will repair/replace as required.

6) What is the warranty on Dairy Cheq Q3?

There is a one year warranty on all new purchased equipment.

7) How does the Remote alerting feature work?

To take advantage of this feature where alerts and warnings can be received on a cell phone, the Modem Kit is required. Essentially, it is like a cell phone to cell phone email or text message.  When a warning or alert is generated, the Q3 sends a text and/or email message which is then transmitted through the modem to the cell phone. 

8) Do I need the Modem Kit to get alerts to my phone, even if I have Wi-Fi in the milk house?

Yes.  Dairy Cheq has decided to use cellular communications technology (as opposed to Wi-Fi/internet) in order to eliminate any interference with the many other applications using your local Internet connection.

9) Can I view data on my PC?  How does Q3 connect to my PC?

Yes, you can view your data on your PC.  Q3 includes an easily accessible USB port on the side panel, which allows you to transfer the data (including alerts and notes) onto a USB stick which can then be loaded onto your PC.  As part of your Q3 purchase, a software program which allows you to view all your data with customizable views, as well as the ability to print the CQM warnings and alert logs will be provided.

10) Will there be any changes to the bulk tank pick-up process with the new Q3 TTR?

No, the process remains exactly the same.

11) Can I trade-in my old unit?

Yes, under the purchase option, Dairy Cheq offers a $200.00 trade-in for your old TTR.

12) Is Dairy Cheq Q3 approved under CQM?

Yes, Q3 is a CQM approved electronic time and temperature recording device.

13) Does Q3 support the use of reduced temperature detergent washing?

Yes, Q3 can support wash temperatures as low as 25C (77F).

14) Does the Q3 support robots?

Yes, Q3 can support up to 6 robots. It has been field tested with DeLaval and Lely units. The new Q3 functionality allows individual monitoring of each robot’s pipeline and is designed to fully comply with future DFO regulations to monitor each pipeline with a TTR.

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