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“The [Dairy Cheq® milk monitoring and reporting system] has helped us find numerous problems with our cleaning systems much quicker than we would have before… This system has been tremendously helpful to me because I can print off a graph or show them the data on the computer that proves that what I’m telling them is not working like it should be and it helps to better pinpoint exactly where the problem might be coming from.”

Manager, Penn State University dairy facility.

Our Products

Our Products

Dairy Cheq® provides valuable products to manage raw milk quality from harvest to processing.

Q3 The Next Generation TTR

Building on the success of the MilkGuard and MilkGuard FD Time Temperature Recorders (TTRs), the Q3 is the next generation milk quality process management system.

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Dairy Cheq® MilkGuards

Dairy Cheq® MilkGuards are a family of products called time and temperature recorders.  Our products monitor critical processes of how raw milk is managed over time, paying attention to among other things, the temperature of the raw milk in real time. But way beyond monitoring, Dairy Cheq® MilkGuards operate like your Assistant Manager on the farm, alerting you to problems BEFORE they happen - no other time and temperature recorder can do that.

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AfiAct II

AfiAct II Stanchion introduces an automated heat detection system designed specifically for tie stall barns.

Norwell Dairy logoIn Ontario, for more information on AfiMilk products, please contact Norwell Dairy Systems.

Afimilk logoYou can also learn more by visiting AfiMilk.

Dairy Cheq® is the AfiAct II dealer in Quebec. 
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